Steve Haworth is a body modification artist and inventor of subdermal and transdermal implants. He designed specialized medical instruments called dermal elevators for this process. He has also done pioneering work with surface bars, ear shaping, tongue splitting, magnetic implants, and artistic branding (using electrocautery units).

One could make the argument that Steve Haworth birthed the entire modern body modification community – before him there was simply piercing, scarification and tattooing – all merely modern implementations of traditional art forms. Steve Haworth’s development of ‘3-D art’ implants is the single most significant thing to happen to body modification in the last 5,000 years.

– Shannon Larratt, founder of BME

He has worked on individuals noted for their extensive modifications such as The Enigma, The Lizardman, and the late Stalking Cat. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as, “The Most Advanced Body Modification Artist,” 1999 to present. Steve is the co-founder / co-owner of Horns n Halos, former owner of HTC Piercing and is co-founder of Life Suspended (Flesh Hook Suspension Group) in Arizona.

[Haworth is] the pioneer of three-dimensional body art and art implants. Haworth is a genius, but that doesn’t go far enough. He’s also an android-age visionary with the tools and skills to make his and his clients’ concepts come to pass. Geniuses are commonly compared to visionaries with manual skills. And across the scope of history, visionaries with good hands have advanced every human endeavor, as Haworth is surely doing with body art. His implant work is genuine history in the making.

– Chris Pfouts, editor of International Tattoo Magazine

Haworth’s father was a manufacturer of surgical equipment, and he continued in the family business, eventually branching into piercing jewelry and body modification instruments. He formed a company called Haworth Med Tech in the late 1980s to produce medical equipment, later called HTC (Haworth Tech Company), which had subsidiaries of HTC Body Jewelry and the HTC piercing studios. He sold the HTC piercing studios in May 2005 and retired from regular piercing, preferring to concentrate on 3D implants and other types of body modification. He continues to manufacture body jewelry and tools for body modification. He and his business partner Jesse Jarrell create unique silicone jewelry for large-gauge piercing with their company Kaos Softwear. Haworth travels around the country and the world frequently, and conducts seminars on his body modification techniques.

I directly credit Steve’s [electrosurgery] branding as a main influence on the newer generation of scarification artists; his high detail branding (which caused a stir when it was featured in In the Flesh, Body Art, and Bizarre) showed people that you could do more than just dots, chevrons and geometric shapes.

– Shawn Porter of ScarWars