Steve’s educational series dealing with modifications, piercing and safety. There is an online discount of $25.00 (per class) for attendees prepaying in full. When prepaying, please make sure to select the correct location.You must present a receipt at the door for the CORRECT class and location in order to gain entrance. Paying at the door will be $25 more per class than the online prices and must be paid in cash. Steve also offers one on one seminars at an additional cost. For upcoming dates please visit the calendar or contact us.  Additional seminars are in the works and more information will be released as it comes available.


Duration: 1.5 hours

In February of 2004, after several years of research and development, Steve Haworth and Jesse Jarrell collaborated to create the first magnetic finger jewelry. The first subject was placed in the finger of Todd Huffman. This seminar goes over the history of magnetic finger jewelry, including its successes and failures. In this power point seminar there will be many images showing the multiple techniques for placing magnetic finger jewelry as well as aftercare. It will also include how to improve success of this modification that modern science is now calling Magnetic Vision or the Sixth Sense. Steve will go over the many ways that magnetic finger jewelry has enhanced his and many others’ ability to perceive the world around them with demonstrations that can actually be felt by the observer with both static and oscillating magnetic fields. At the end of the seminar, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, 1 silicone-coated magnet, and a custom Steve Haworth Stainless retractor.


Duration: 1 hour

Steve performed his first beading in 1992 and since then has created tools and techniques to achieve better success with this modification. His power point presentation includes step-by-step photography and computer created 3-D diagrams. The Successful Bead Placement Seminar will last one hour. This seminar will focus on proper placement, various beading materials, and specialized tools, as well as technique and methods. Version 3.0 includes new techniques involving multiple bead string placement and placement of spines.Steve will provide every attendee with ome set of his specially designed beading tools, 10 silicone beads of the corresponding size, and a certificate of attendance. There are two sizes to choose from and both will be available for sale.


Duration: 1 hour

As the creator of the surface to surface barbell in 1993 and with his experience piercing for over 15 years, Steve offers a comprehensive seminar touching on every critical aspect of surface to surface piercing. His seminar will be presented in power point with over 60 slides including in-depth computer created 3-D diagrams. The seminar will last one hour, and will focus on placement, proper jewelry design, techniques, and methods to dramatically increase the success of surface to surface piercing. At the end of the seminar, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.


Duration: 2.0 hours

In 1994, Steve created the concept of “laser” branding using electro cautery tools. What was only meant for the medical community as a functional device, ECU branding has made its way to the body modification community as a means to decorate ourselves. The Successful Techniques for Laser Branding Seminar will last 1 to 1.5 hours. Steve will discuss the difference between laser branding, strike branding and thermal cautery branding. He will show the various techniques for incorporating scarification with laser branding and he will also explain the different kind of tools and how they are used to create this unique form of branding. A certificate of attendance is provided.

Prices vary by location and event. Other seminars are available. Please contact us for pricing and more details.